WGON has made radio contact with survivors held up in a underground bunker at Wampum PA

  • Dawn of the Dead Dorks will walk the earth
  • Dawn of the dead fans

In a rotting world they are the last, In a rotting world they must learn to survive.

The Walking dead have taken over the world. Only a small band of the living are definitley known to remain, though there may be others – somewwhere. The motley group of fans have taken refuge in an underground missile silo.

The situation is dire: food is running low; ammunition and medical supplies are almost depleted.

First, he created the most frightening film ever made.Then, he took his unique vision of terror one step further. Now, George A. Romero takes us out of the NIGHT, beyond the DAWN and into the darkest DAY of horror the world has ever known, DAY OF THE DEAD. George A. Romeros DAY of the DEAD, the most eagerly awaited DAY in horror film history.

Stay tuned to this emergency broadcast